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The Wiccan Ritual

Rituals are ceremonies which celebrate and strengthen our relationships with the Goddess, the God and the Earth.  They need not always be pre-planned, rehearsed or traditional. Neither do they need to slavishly follow any particular pattern or form.  A spontaneous ritual may happen one evening as you step outside and see the Moon rising in all her glory.  You pause for a moment and thank the Goddess for all she does for you............this is ritual.  On another occasion as you walk through a public park, you see a branch from a nearby tree that is just the right size for a pause before picking it up and thank the tree for this gift, perhaps leaving some bird seed behind in exchange............this is ritual.

There are also occasions that call for planned rituals.  These usually occur on the nights of the Full Moon and the eight Days of Power.  These rituals are usually spiritual in nature but may also include magickal workings.

Basic Ritual Design

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