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Ritual Design


This is a basic outline of the nine points of a basic Wiccan ritual.  Nothing is carved in stone and many do not use all of these points in every ritual. Remember, it is your ritual, personalize it. The most important point, and NEVER to be omitted, is to clarify your intention ahead of time. This is especially the case when your ritual will include performing a spell.  Remember above all, "an it harm none...". Let no negativity enter your circle. 

The nine basic points of the Wiccan ritual are:

Purification of Self

Purification of Space

Creating Sacred Space


Ritual Observance (on Sabbats and Esbats)

Energy Raising (during magick)

Earthing the Power

Thanking the Goddess and God

Closing the Circle

pages on each of these points coming soon.

Ritual Design   Purification of Self   Purification of Space   Creating Sacred Space

Invocation  Ritual Observance (on Sabbats and Esbats)  Energy Raising (during magick)

Earthing the Power  Thanking the Goddess and God  Closing the Circle

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