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Purification of Self


Preparation for ritual


1.  Make sure you will not be interrupted during your ritual.  Tell your family that you will be busy and aren't to be disturbed (if they are not part of your ritual).  If you live alone, turn the ringer on your phone off, make sure your doors are locked and if you wish, closed your blinds or curtains.

2.   A ritual bath is a very common way to purify yourself of all psychological and psychic negativity from your day.  This is not to say you must be cleansed of "evil", just all of the worries and negativity we all encounter in our day.  If you feel clean and refreshed from the day's worries, you will feel comfortable contacting the Goddess and God.

Candles can be burned (I am partial to purple), and also incense (perhaps white sage for purification).  You can also place crystals that enhance magickal power or meditation.  Fragrant oils or herbal sachets can be added to the water. For herbal sachets, be sure to place the herbs in a natural fiber cloth, tie up the ends and then just pop it in the tub.  To choose what color candles, herbs and/or incense to use, refer to any list of correspondences to choose what you can use.

3.   Once bathed, it is time to dress for your ritual.  If you are comfortable, many Wiccans choose to go "sky-clad", that is to say naked, during ritual.  But, in my opinion, this is not necessary but entirely up to the individual.  If you choose to dress, try to wear natural fiber garments such as cotton, linen, silk or wool.  And pay special attention to your sleeves...those flowing sleeves may look cool and make you feel "witchy" but that will change quickly when they catch fire from the candle flames!!!!  I have a couple of outfits for ritual wear that I use only for ritual but you can wear everyday clothes if you cannot afford special clothes for ritual.  The Goddess understands and is more interested in what you bring to ritual of yourself than what you wear.

Some choose to have special ritual robes, which range from simple caftan style designs to fully hooded monkish creations. If you choose to wear a ritual robe, choose a style that is comfortable for you.  And again, what those sleeves!  If you want to go all out with robes, you might consider having or making several in different colors to correspond to a particular ritual's intention.  Here are some suggested colors and their associations.

Yellow:  an excellent color for those involved with divination.

Purple:  for those who work with pure divine power or those who wish to deepen their awareness of the Goddess and God.

Blue:  an excellent color for healers and when working with the Goddess in her water aspect.

Green:  good for herbalists and magickal ecologists.

Brown:  good for those attuned to animals or when doing spell work for an animal.

White:  perfect for meditation and cleansing rituals.  Also excellent for Full Moon rituals.

Orange/Red:  for protection rituals, Major Sabbats, and when working with the God in his fiery sun aspect.

Black:  This is a protective color and DOES NOT symbolize "evil".  Symbolically represents the cosmos and the ultimate source of of divine energy.  Use when you want to bring some extra "umph" to your ritual.

4.   Although not necessary, some choose to wear ritual jewelry.  This is a personal choice. This could include but is not limited to rings, bracelets, necklaces, crowns and even garters. Shapes include crescent moons, ankhs, pentagrams, etc. Be as creative as you wish or can manage. Remember, this is your ritual and whatever helps bring you closer to the Goddess and God is what counts.  Wicca is evolving and it is not slavish adherence to tradition but a love of nature and the Goddess and God that are at its heart.

 You are now ready to purify your ritual area

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