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Purification of Space


1.    First is the obvious.  At some point before your personal purification clean the area you will be using for ritual.  Dust, vacuum, remove clutter.  You should also gather everything you will need for your ritual and have your altar physically set up.

2.    When you are ready to begin your ritual, magickally clean your ritual area.  All living space has pockets of negativity, astral garbage and collections of conflicting energies.  A traditional method of "cleaning" a ritual area is the use of the witch's broom (besom).  This is not your regular household broom, but a magickal tool set aside for magick only.  It can be hand-made, or store bought.  If you buy your broom try to find a round one with natural bristles.  If you decide to make your own, consider the magickal combination of ash wood for the staff, birch twigs for the bristles and willow for the binding.

3.    To cleanse the area, vigorously brush the area of your ritual.  The bristles do not need to actually touch the floor.  While brushing, visualizing the broom chasing away all negativity and psychic clutter.  If it helps visualize sparks or tongues of flame coming from the broom and burning away the negativity.

4.    Another way to purify your ritual area is by asperging the area with water mixed with salt, powered herbs and/or resins.  To pure water add some sea salt and powered herbs and/or resins of your choice.  Again, refer to any correspondence list to find what items have properties of purification.  Some examples are: sage, thyme, rosemary, frankincense, copal and dragon's blood.  

I mix mine and holding the bowl with both hands, visualize the purifying properties as white and purple light.  When this energy has built, I then scatter the water mix using either my dominant hand or a sprig of hysop or pine.  The scattering action releases the energies of the water mix. As you scatter, visualize the disturbing energies being dissolved and driven away.

5.    Another option is to burn herbs and incense. Be sure to be careful not to burn yourself.  As you burn the herbs or incense, carry your censor around the ritual area and visualize the smoke carrying away the negativity.

You are now ready to Create Sacred Space

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