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Magickal Properties of Essential Oils

This is an alphabetical list of the magickal properties of essential oils. Remember that true essential oils should be diluted before use to prevent skin irritation. *

*Diluting True Essential Oils - As a general guideline, add 5 to 7 drops to about 1/8 cup of your base oil (I recommend jojoba as it is not truly an oil but rather a liquid form of wax and never goes rancid. This will extend the shelf life of your mixes).

APRICOT OIL:  This oil is pressed from apricot kernels, is aphrodisiac in nature. It is used as a base for mixing true essential oils but does NOT have an apricot scent.
BASIL:  The scent of basil causes sympathy between two people and so is worn to avoid major clashes.  Basil essential oil is useful to blends for encouraging happiness and peace and for stimulating the conscious mind. 
BENZOIN:  This is a rich, thick essential oil with a natural vanilla-like scent.  Dilute and rub onto the body to increase your personal power. It awakens the conscious mind as well.
BERGAMOT MINT BOUQUET:  Use for money and protective rituals.  Add the diluted bouquet to your bath water for these purposes.
BLACK PEPPER:  Use the essential oil for protection and to promote courage.  It has a sharp, sweet scent and is best added to blends rather than worn alone, even when diluted.
CHAMOMILE:  A fruity, incredibly full scent.  Sparingly use chamomile essential oil for meditation and inducing peace.  Expensive but worth it!!!
CAMPHOR:  The coolly scented essential oil is fine for purification and promoting celibacy.
CARDAMOM:  Deliciously spicy, cardamom essential oil brings a nice jolt of energy to love and sexually oriented formulas.
CEDARWOOD:  This essential oil has a woodsy scent.  Its energies are useful in enhancing spirituality.
CINNAMON:  True cinnamon oil is very irritating to the skin.  Use sparingly in money and psychic awareness blends---no more than 1 drop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CLOVE OIL:  Another irritant. Add one drop to 1/8 cup of base oil.  Useful in courage and protection blends.
CORIANDER:  Coriander essential oil works well in love and healing mixtures.
CYPRESS:  Cypress is an essential oil of blessing, consecration and protection.  This unique scent stimulates healing and eases the pain of losses of all kinds.
EUCALYPTUS:  Perhaps the ultimate healing oil.  Add to all healing blends.  Apply (undiluted, in this case) to the body to relieve colds.  Also used in purification mixtures.
FRANKINCENSE:  An incredibly rich scent, frankincense essential oil is useful in promoting spirituality and meditative states.  Dilute before applying to the skin as it may be irritating.
GERANIUM, ROSE:  This essential oil (usually sold as "Geranium") is a powerful protectant.  Wear diluted, or add to happiness blends.
GINGER:  Powerfully spicy.  Ginger essential oil is useful in sexuality, love, courage and money-attracting blends. be continued


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* Material for this page is taken from: "The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews" by Scott Cunningham, Llewwllyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55164-0383, USA, 1998,ISBN 0-87542-128-8