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Creating Sacred Space



Suggested Altar Layout
Goddess Symbol/Candle


Censer God Symbol/Candle
Bowl of Water Red Candle Bowl of Salt
Cup Pentacle Incense
Wand Cauldron, or Spell Materials Knife
Bell Bolline


The circle is a well defined but non-physical magickal temple.  Many Wiccan rituals and magickal workings take place within such an area of personal power.  The circle is used to create a sacred space in which humans meet with the Goddess and God.  The circle serves several functions.  It defines the ritual area, contains the personal power you raise for ritual, and keeps out distracting energies. 

The circle is made with personal power which is visualized as coming from the body, through the magickal tool (your hand or a wand) and then out into the air.  When finished, the circle is a sphere of energy which surrounds the entire working area.  Often you will put some type of marking on the ground to mark where this sphere enters the earth.  This can be a cord, crystals, flowers, pine boughs. shells or whatever is in tune with your particular ritual.  The cardinal points are often marked with lit candles or other symbols that correspond to that point.  Once the circle has been created around your ritual area, you are ready to begin.

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