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Cleansing Stones

There are a number of methods to purify your stones.

The simplest is to place the stones in the light of the Full Moon for an evening or three evenings (the evening before the Full Moon, the night of the Full Moon itself, and the evening after the Full Moon). When cleansing your stone over 3 nights, be sure to put it out at dusk and bring in at dawn as the Sun can "bleach" some colored stones.

The next two methods are good if you need to cleanse your stone for a particular ritual that will take place before the next Full Moon.

If you happen to have a stream, river or other body of living (moving) water on your property, you can place your stone(s) in a cotton net bag or some devise to keep them from washing away in the water. Leave them overnight in the water which will gently wash away negative energy.

The third method is earth based. Bury the stone(s) in the ground for a week or so.

With any of these methods, after the initial period of cleansing hold the stone in your receptive hand (left if you are a "rightie", right if a "leftie"). With your mind stilled you should be able to "sense" the energies of the stone. If it vibrates with regular healthy feeling energy, the cleansing is successful. If it doesn't "feel right", repeat the cleansing process again until you sense the stone is cleared.

You can also perform a ritual to cleanse your stone. This is especially useful for the city dweller who cannot use any of the above methods.

Fill a basin with pure water and place to the West on your altar. Next, light a red candle and set this to the South. Light an appropriate incense (I am partial to White Sage for purification) and place this to the East. Finally, place a dish filled with fresh earth to the North on your altar. Between all these place your stone which you are going to cleanse.

When all is ready, still your mind and pick up your stone with your receptive hand. Look toward the bowl of earth, placing the stone on it and covering the stone with some of the earth, say:

I purify you with Earth!

Leave the stone in the earth for a few minutes, visualizing the earth absorbing the stone's impurities.

Next, remove the stone and gently dust it clean. Hold it in the smoke of the incense, passing it through the smoke 9 times from right to left, saying:

I purify you with Air!

See the smoke drawing away all negative energy from your stone.

Then quickly pass the stone through the candle's flame several times ( I usually do this 3 times, right to left), saying:

I purify you with Fire!

Visualize the fire burning away all impurities and negative energies.

Now, place the stone in the vessel of water and say:

I purify you with Water!

Visualize the water washing the stone clean. Leave the stone in the water for a time, then dry it with a clean cloth and hold it in your receptive hand to sense if the cleansing is complete. If not, repeat the ritual as many times as needed to cleanse the stone. Afterwards, store your stone in a special place. It is now ready for charging for your magick.

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