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Color Correspondences


Before casting a spell you will want to decide what colors are appropriate to it. Colors have vibrations that correspond to influences you may want to include in your magick through candles, gemstones, cords and other objects. However, colors often have personal meanings for us as well. The list below is only a guide. Experiment with your magick and let your own feelings about it determine your color choices. Correspondences to the days of the week and planets are included.

White, silver (Monday, Moon). Moon rituals, goddess rituals, spells to heal emotions and to balance, purification. White can also be substituted for any color.

Red (Tuesday, Mars). Spells for physical desire and passion, courage, victory, and physical strength. Stimulates energy and vitality.

Yellow (Wednesday, Mercury). Spells to enhance knowledge, communication skills and to give confidence and aid in visualization skills. May also repel negative energy.

Purple (Thursday, Jupiter) Rituals to influence people in high places, open psychic powers, and for wisdom.

Pink (Friday, Venus). Magick for friendship and romantic love, emotional healing.

Black (Saturday, Saturn). Magic to absorb or remove anything. Banishing, removing hexes.

Orange, gold (Sunday, Sun). Rituals to enhance energy and power, build vitality, and to bring success and luck

There are, of course, many other colors, and their correspondences do not always fit easily into a list of days or planets.

Green Usually associated with Venus, but used on Thursday for spellwork involving money, prosperity and renewal. Also used for fertility, good luck, and for Earth rituals.

Dark blue Spells for creativity, peace and communication. Also for deep meditation and karma work.

Light blue Used for inspiration, peace and healing.

Royal blue Associated with Jupiter and Thursday, and used for spells concerning court cases.

Brown May be used in money and business spells, Earth rituals, and for anything involving the home.

Again, experiment with colors and find what works best for you!

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