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Break the Powers of a Spell


The most important aspect of this spell is the preparation you put into it before you do it.  It is vitally important that you examine your motivation for performing this spell. It is also important that you visualize the spell you are trying to break as opposed to the person who performed it.  In other words, you must be sure that you are not intending on doing anything against the person who cast the spell you are seeking to break.  You must be brutally honest with yourself and remember the rule of three, what you do comes back to you times 3. If you feel you cannot avoid bringing hostility toward the other person into your circle, DO NOT DO THIS SPELL.

Place a large black candle in a cauldron (or a large black bowl).  The candle should be tall enough to extend a couple of inches above the cauldron's rim.  Fix the candle to the cauldron using wax from a different black candle.

Fill the cauldron with fresh water to the top without wetting the candle's wick.  Breath deeply and meditate on your intent being very careful to visualize breaking the spell but not harming the caster.  Light the candle.  Visualize the power of the spell you are seeking to break as being concentrated in the candle flame.  Sit and continue to visualize the power in the flame growing (yes, the power of the spell against you!!!)  Watch as the candle burns down and eventually sputters out as the flame reaches the water.  As soon as the flame reaches the water visualize the spells being extinguished as the flame is by the water.  See the power of the spell exploding into dust and being powerless, saying:

So mote it be!

Pour the water into a hole in the ground, a lake or a stream (not down your drain). Bury the candle.  Your spell is done.

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